• The Magical Sunset At Radhanagar Beach

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    April 26, 2017 /  Island and Beach

    The Radhanagar Beach is also known as the beach no 7 and is located in Havelock Island. It is voted as the best Beach in entire Asia in 2004 by the Time Magazine. The deciding factors were the depth of the sea, the quality of the sand and the sea. Being the best in the business, when it comes to the sea beaches in the world, there is no dearth of tourists visiting the on the Havelock Island, on any given day. Havelock Island is a picturesque place and boasts of beautiful beaches and lots of greenery all around. It is a paradise on earth resplendent with coral reefs, white sand beaches, and rare species of aquamarine life, palm trees and also dense forests in the interiors of the island. Havelock is located within a group of other islands that are collectively known as Ritchies Archipelago.

    The beach is a crescent shaped long beach with white silvery sand. Viewing the sunset from this beach will give you memories that you would cherish for the rest of your life. The water body next to the beach is pristine and blue. It is imperative to say that the overall view is fantastic and brilliant. Taking a stroll on the silvery white sand in the evening along the sea shore, you will be able to soak in the nature at its best, with sound of waves splashing the beach and wetting your feet.

    Whether you are a lover of solitude, or are a sports freak, whether you are fond of adventure or simply a romantic soul, you would absolutely love being on this stunningly beautiful beach. It is a place with complete peace and serenity, the water is crystal azure and you would certainly feel like being transported to the heaven on earth. Visit the Radhanagar Beach India, for complete relaxation and rejuvenation of your mind, body and also the soul. Spend a relaxed holiday trip or a on the beaches and get back to daily life completely refreshed. When you are visiting the sea side and the beaches, do not forget to pack in a lot of sunscreens and also the flip flops. Although there are no shops on the beach of Radhanagar, there are some small vendors that sell wares, trinkets and other paraphernalia near the beach. You can also shop to your hearts content at these small shops although you have to be extremely careful about bargaining.

  • Fast Food Logos And Its Elements

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    April 26, 2017 /  Food and Culinary

    you ever wondered why fast food logos are among the most recognizable and memorable logo design of the world? Be it KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos, these brands have picked perfect logos for their restaurants. Like every other industry, food industry is also a hugely competitive industry.
    Have you ever wondered why fast food logos are among the most recognizable and memorable logo design of the world? Be it KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos, these brands have picked perfect logos for their restaurants. Like every other industry, food industry is also a hugely competitive industry.
    Therefore, its logo shouldn”t be ignored in any way and all the elements to be used in just right way “” color, text and style and the combination of all three. You must have noticed that all the renowned brands get a logo design for themselves which say a lot in simple way. So, if you want to be a successful brand, in any field, design a logo design which targets yours customers clearly.
    Elements of Fast Food Logos:
    1: Color
    Color has direct physiological effects on the brain. You must have noticed that most of the fast food logos are in red or yellow or both colors. This combination of red and yellow color is also referred as “Ketchup and Mustard theory.” Red color is the one that attracts ones attention, makes you hungry and energetic. On the other hand, yellow is an attractive cool color which is capable of stimulating our appetite. Together, if these colors used they symbolize happiness, laughter and good times.
    2: Fonts
    To get the right font for fast food logos is very critical and important. Fonts of your fast food logo will convey the taste and quality of food served in your restaurant. Therefore, the fonts should be simple, clean and readable from every angle. You will notice that every popular business mark has straight and readable fonts.
    3: Style:
    The food logos should have a style which depict taste, casual effect and grace as well. A fast food logo should be capable of attracting the right customers within minutes. Therefore, your logo should be inviting and attractive enough to attract the foodie people who want to treat themselves and their friends.

  • Swim Pants, Beach Mini Skirts, Womens Beach Pants, Beach Clothing

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    April 26, 2017 /  Island and Beach

    Summer is not far and this is apparent with the sun shining, the beaches glistening and people ready to relax in the golden sands, under the umbrella and to enjoy the waters in this hottest season. However, do not get stuck indoors just because you are plus size. There is no dearth of womens plus size beach wear nowadays, in fact, you are sure to get stylish and sexy beach wear.

    The plus sizes collection is vast and helps in spicing up the wardrobe helping in choosing the best swim wear online to make a sizzling summer. Shopping through the internet is fun, simple and easy, regardless of the size. The swim wear that is highly in demand are the beach skirts.

    There are many choices, but each time represent looking gorgeous each time. A romantic person loving to walk on the beach can choose breezy summer dress and spent pleasant time in summer. Dresses that are not too tight or loose suit the best. However, choose monochrome or tie dye dresses that reach knee length offering a stylish appearance. Remember to choose dress designs emphasizing your waist and giving a perfect balanced appearance.

    Plus size beach wear for women does not mean that they have to wear dresses that cover all the parts of their body. There are beach wear that are new trends and suit every type of body. There is nothing being plus size and it is always a fact that curves in a feminine body is an attraction. The best outfit ideas that are appropriate for plus size women on the beach are:

    Capris and Tunics style pants are perfect to hide tummy and choosing printed tunics looks fabulous. Pair your Capri pants with tunic, a pair of flats offers a complete look offering a stylish appearance. A V-cut cleavage brings attention to the bust and neck area.
    One-piece suits are ideal for plus size women. Look for subtle prints, vertical lines and dark colors to create a slimming effect.
    Two-piece suits for bathing offer enough coverage. The tops can be halter-neck so that it offers the required support.

  • Traditional Old English Tea Parties come to Indianapolis

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    April 25, 2017 /  Coffe and Tea

    The British are coming! Well actually a few are already here in Indianapolis and one in particular is on a mission to celebrate, rediscover and share the history and food of the Traditional Old English Tea Party, using traditional recipes and local ingredients.

    Tina Jesson of Tinas Traditional Old English Kitchen, came up with the idea after moving to Indianapolis from the Derbyshire region of England 3 years ago, when her husband was relocated to Indianapolis with Rolls Royce. Finding that the people she met in Indianapolis were real foodies and appreciated some of her unusually English baked goods, jams and chutneys, she is now offering Tea Parties in homes and offices around the city.

    Tina comes from a long line of accomplished home cooks in England and was lucky enough to learn to cook at a young age by her Great Grandmother, who was born in 1899 (when Queen Vitoria was still on the thrown of England) and worked as a kitchen maid in Bradley Hall, owned at the time by Major Clues.

    Her Grandmother, who was a Wren in WW2, was great at preserves, jams and chutneys and her mother was the baker of the family, making great pastry. Tina grow up in a house of 4 females spanning across 4 generations and many of the old recipes have been passed down.

    Tina loves making these recipes and sharing the goodies with like minded people who have a passion for from scratch wholesome local food and the history of how the recipes came in to being or how they got their names. Such as Spotted Dick named after Dick Turpin, the notorious highway man; Bakewell Tart, from the town of Bakewell, only miles from where Tina was born and raised and Traditional Christmas Cake with its moist fruit, homemade marzipan and Royal icing a recipe brought to England from Germany when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. Tina also produces a range of chutneys, like green tomato chutney (Grandmas special recipe) which is cooked liked a jam but has chillies and vinegar and goes great with strong hard cheese or ham on the bone.

    Youll find Tinas Traditional Old English Kitchen at local farmers markets including Traders Point Creamery, where her chutney goes very well with their farm produced cheeses. You can call to place your orders for the holiday season and gift baskets are also available.

    Tinas Tea Parties can be booked for 6 -10 people in home or office:
    Option 1: Hot English Breakfast Tea served with milk and accompanied with cakes and goodies to taste and buy.
    Option 2: A cooking demo of how to make one of the treats from scratch; Hot English Breakfast Tea served with milk and accompanied with cakes and goodies to taste and buy.

    You can contact Tinas Traditional Old English Kitchen, 1735 Cape Hatteras Court, Brownsburg, IN 46112 by calling 317 858 4345
    More Tea Vicar!

  • Ghostwriter Unser Unterstutzung Erfullen Most Ihre Praferenzen Und Traume Ghostwriterhilfe Auftrag

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